Individual Psychotherapy with Nishant

Nishant Patel, LMHC offers Individual Psychotherapy to Adults.


The essence of the work I do is to support people to live more freely. I teach people exactly how to deal with the incessant thoughts that tend to create such conflict with others and ourselves in life. When clients begin to deal more effectively with their thoughts and emotions with the tools offered by me, they experience more clarity, freedom, and deeper connections with others, themselves, and Life.

The clients who work with me are looking for answers in how to deal with:

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Fear
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Relationship conflict
  • Anger or Resentment
  • Long Held Guilt and Shame

Therapy is a journey and having a guide by your side is the heart of what I offer. My job is to educate you, challenge you, and together, as a team, we can begin to see how we can make shifts in your inner world so that you live more freely and clearly.

If you are Ready to take the Next Step, call me at 347-391-2973 and leave a voicemail if I do not answer or email me at

Availability and Cost


I do tend to get booked and limited spaces do remain for individual work with me.

In terms of Cost, I do not accept insurance for the reasons outlined below, which you may not be aware of. I do it to honor the essence and quality of the work I offer and do not want outside agencies to dictate how I am able to support you. I do offer Superbills to my clients who are interested in seeing if they can get reimbursed by their insurance provider for out of network benefits. 


You can learn more about rates by going to the contact page and emailing and calling the number provided. 


4 Reasons Nishant does not accept insurance.


1. Diagnosis or “Label” — Insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for a provider to be reimbursed. In terms of treatment and quality of care, a diagnosis is not necessarily needed and can even limit our understanding of your particular situation and needs to be taken into account on a case by case basis. The issue to you is that the diagnosis will be a part of your official record permanently. If you are in certain professions or planning to be, there is a comfort in knowing that you will not be limited due to a diagnosis.

2. Your Records are not Protected — Your insurer can audit your records at any time they wish.

3. Your Care is Dictated by the Insurer — Many insurances require some sort of treatment plan and limit coverage based on progress. This may stop you from getting the best care needed for your individual needs at times.

4. Insurance Doesn’t Pay Full Fee or Quality Care gets Limited—- Sometimes there is a high deductible associated with certain insurances and you are responsible for the fee. In addition, quality care from experienced professionals may be needed to suit your needs, which may be difficult to find through your insurance provider.